Thursday, October 28, 2004

Day Off

I worked so many hours in the last two weeks that I have to take tomorrow off. It will sure feel good. Things are under control at the office, thanks in large part to the wonderful people with whom I work. And they'll be there tomorrow in case anything unexpectedly pops. So I'm not fretting about things left undone (although there are a few). I'm just going to enjoy the extra day this Halloween weekend.

I have 2 poems bumping around in my head, vying to be the first past the gate. I'll probably work on one or the other. I'm also going to the gym. I've missed a couple days with this week's crazy schedule. I'll do weights and the cycle class (or psycho class as I sometimes call it). It's really hard work, but the benefits are superb. Air tastes delicious to breathe all day long after I do one of those workouts.

Sol goes to the vet mid-afternoon, for those mysterious ear bumps. Then when the kids come home we'll carve pumpkins. Probably nest with a video in the evening. I am so tired, I just want to slow down to a halt. Well, I guess that's what I'll do right now. Get a good sleep. That way I can zip around and do all kinds of things on my day off.

Pillow is singing a song, "come hither...come hither...softy softy softttt..."

Question - zz?

mompoet - idling

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