Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Too Much Week, Too Little Me

Accckk. Long days, hard work - all good stuff but too much. I'm working Monday through Saturday this week because of a conference, and only Friday evening at home with the family (I think - better check that conference schedule). And at work it's meeting-meeting-meeting-meeting-meeting so the list extends and the pile grows higher. Good thing I love my job!

Went to a Poetry House meeting last night which was fantastic. We got to work on actually planning the 2005 Canadian Spoken Word Olympics. It feels good to get started and make some decisions. It'll be a lot of work, but fun and rewarding, and an opportunity to do something with a group of very good people.

My mom told me one day that she thinks we have some kind of energy that most people don't have. When I look at weeks like this (not even unusual) and at the pace of her days too, I believe her. Is it genetic? learned? conditioned? Why do we not sit down? Why do we get revved up by more work and excited by complicated projects? I'll never know why, but I'm glad I can do it. It's like going to the gelato store and being allowed to have 8 flavours when other poeple can manage 1 or 2 tops. Delicious, if sometimes a bit overwhelming.

Off we go to today now....tarump, tarump, tarump.

Question: How much work can a worker work if a worker likes her work?

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