Wednesday, October 27, 2004


That boy is ready. He knows more about the Declaration of Independence than I ever did.

The moon was spectacular, wasn't it? Orange as a pumpkin and almost totally wiped out, then revealed again. I missed the disappearing stage - inside at the dance.

The kids are just kids, young, energetic, faux-mysterious, anxious, jazzed, the teachers and admin people really care about them. I witnessed Principal and Vice Principal talking to a student outside as I left. There's respect and accountability happening in all directions there. My job was to make sure no students went into their lockers or down the stairs. The concern is that they will stash alcohol around the school during the day then go get it at night. I worked the early half of the dance then left before 8, so if there was any excitement, I missed it.

If #1 son decides to go to a dance I won't be worrying about his safety or if he's having a good time. His hearing may be temporarily impaired, but that's what teenagers do. My real concern is his heart. We teach our kids to be safe with sex and drugs and gangs, but what about love? The crush that crushes, the embarassment that overwhelms? I guess everyone goes through it and he will too. Watching the boyfriends and girlfriends strolling made my eyes prickle. I hope when his time comes the swoops will be worth the plummets.

Question: what's a mom to do?

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-dweeb. said...

seems there's lots of british columbians around here.

Anyways, as a high school student I hate the dances. Only ever went to one, and I swear I will never step foot in the last few left before I'm rid of this school. But they spend so much time patting kids down, and making sure they don't go to their lockers. Haven't they ever thought that maybe kids tape the bottles under the bathroom counter?