Thursday, March 01, 2007

what's in store for march?

When the sun is shining and it rains at the same time, we call it a "monkey's wedding." But I don't know what to call today. I went out this morning to find my car looking like a piece of french toast on Sunday morning, icing sugar seived over the surface. It brushed off easily without sticking (I resisted licking it). All day the sun shone and the fat flakes flew, making me think of that week in May when the cherry blossoms blow off in the wind - only it was cold and slippery outside. Whatever you call it, somebody was having some kind of party in the sky?
Giraffe's hootenany?
Vole's Bat Mitzvah?
Manatee's Shivaree?
Anyway, it was beautiful and weird.

Did you know there are 39 marshmallows in a bag? I know that because Fi is making rice krispie squares

40 marshmallows
glob of butter
splash of vanilla
7 cups of krispies

She counted out the contents of a new bag - 39. I guess they'll turn out okay anyway.

I'm cooking risotto with pesto and asparagus. So if my post is a bit choppy it's because I keep getting up to stir the broth into the rice, and have a sip of wine. Risotto is one of my favourite comfort foods. It takes at least half an hour to cook so you slow down while you make it. It requires patience with the stirring and the waiting as the rice absorbs the broth. Even the rice sounds comforting - arborio.

The strata meeting went fine. We've formed a short term committee to look into the problem. And it's all good people who I will enjoy working with.

After I eat risotto I have nothing to do. That will be nice. I have a good book and a good movie. Meantime I'm wondering what the end of March will be like. You know the saying, "In like a lion, out like a lamb." So what happens when it comes in like a kangaroo's convocation? I guess we'll have to wait to the 31st to see.

Know what else I like about March? All of the days of the week fall on the same numbers as in February (except in a Leap Year). That's kind of nice.

question: what do you call a snowy, sunny, slippery beautiful day?

mompoet - stirring the pot gently

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