Thursday, March 22, 2007

the rat and the dog and the cat

Soleil the dog spent Wednesday at the vet, having a bit of surgery to get two little warts taken off of her eyelid. She's wearing a cone, and a bit stumbly after the anaesthetic and from some pain meds she's taking, but her eye looks great and she's figuring out how to walk around without getting her cone stuck on things. She's also figured out how to do the big head and shoulder cuddle, even with a cone on, or rather we've figured it out (did you know, you can put your face inside the cone with the dog, and the dog likes it?)

She's not feeling very dignified looking, so I won't post a photo (besides, cameras frighten her). Instead, I'll post some pictures of Nelson's vacation, graciously sent by Kirsi, who kindly took him along on her trip to Ireland. Nelson was showing them to Sol to cheer her up. He told her next time Kirsi might want a beautiful dog to go along with her?

As for the cat. She's coneless, happy to have her dog back, not chasing the rat, and regularly reminding us that it's always time to feed the cat somewhere in the world.

question: meow? woof? squeak?

mompoet - friend to hungry cats, cone-headed dogs and well-travelled rats everywhere


Lazy Daisy said...

I don't think it would make a good epitath though!

Kristene said...

When I worked as a vet assistant we called them "coneheads".