Monday, March 19, 2007

Basement Day 1

The painting project begins with emptying the room. Some wall-patching has commenced. It ehoes in there, and there are things in other parts of the house where they do not belong.

Nostalgia find of the day was a 45inch single vinyl disc of Paula Abdul singing (it's just) The Way that You Love Me. I think I must be to blame for that one. I think that when I was a fitness instructor in the 80s I taped that and made people do 1,000 butt lift/donkey kicks to it. Seems fitting now.

question: Did you ever find something that you forgot you lost?

mompoet - dusty and tired


Carol said...

You were a fitness instructor?

Lynn Valley Girl said...

A very ambitious spring break project. Have fun with the kids; it's a good excuse to hang out together!