Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nelson is restless

This morning when I went out to get the newspaper from the driveway, I found Nelson the rat in between the screen door and the front door. I think he's trying to tell me something. I put him back on his shelf in the living room, and he's been there since, but when I got back from church, another strange occurrence: There's a new account on our computer called "Nelson." It's not password protected, so I logged on. Mozilla was open to the website.

For now, I'm going to keep an eye on him. If he goes somewhere I want to know where, and who he's with, or at least that he's with someone who will make sure he is safe.

question: what's Nelson up to?

mompoet - paying attention


J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Imran said...

Oooh... a mystery. I like it.

Let me get this straight. Nelson is your pet rodent? You put it on the shelve and it will not move about?

You discovered a new account in your XP PC called Nelson too. Could it be one of your family members who could have created the account while you're away?

Interesting how it will turn out.

mompoet said...

Thanks for checking in, Andrew and Imran. Nelson's a plastic rat (but don't tell him that). He used to be a Halloween decoration, but now he's a member of our family. He hitches rides to other places when we travel. The neighbours take him too. He just got back from Ireland a couple of weeks ago. As for the computer, I think he's capable. He has shows signs of techno-savvy previously (he has his own digital camera and ipod, and he uses an ATM card.

Lazy Daisy said...

Nelson gets out much more than I do. I've never had Rat envy I need therapy?