Thursday, March 29, 2007

spring morning walk thoughts

The dog was out scraping her cone on the pavement and shoving it into the hedges and rolling on the grass for the first time with it. I wonder if she thinks she will have a cone for ever and ever? The vet says one more week - until her second check-up on Tuesday, when the stitches will come out, and if all is well the cone can come off. In the meantime she's still getting snagged on the furniture and bumping into wall corners, and trying to get around the coffee table to snug up between it and the couch. When we go outside she sniffs and snorks and picks up all kinds of bits of leaf and soil around the edges of the cone so I have to give it a wipe when we come back inside. She's very good natured about it. We are all looking forward to saying goodbye to the cone.

As the dog took me out on her walk this morning, I saw all kinds of spring flowers in bloom, including the smaller cherry blossoms. The big fluffy pink ones will come out at the end of April. The small ones are delicate and beautiful. I took some photos which I will post later. There are hyacinths all around - the deep purply blue ones and the white ones, and I can't smell a darn thing when I walk past them. This is very distressing to me. I keep hoping my sense of smell will come back, but it seems to be worse than ever this year. Before it faded, hyacinths used to irritate me, they smelled so distinctive and tangy. Now I wouldn't know they were there if I closed my eyes. I've got my fingers crossed for the lilacs, which will appear soon. I love them. If I have to put on a cone and bury my head in a lilac bush I will. That's how determined I am to smell them. But I'm good natured about it too. There are benefits. You can sit in a car with me and fart for half an hour and it barely bothers me. So I guess I'm being good natured too. Still, I can hardly wait until my smell comes back, as I still hope it will.

question: did you ever lose something that you once took for granted?

mompoet - conehead of my own kind

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