Wednesday, March 14, 2007

my visual DNA

Thanks to Daisy who pointed me to this fun thing:


Carol said...

Nice. I might have to have my say too.

Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you....we are similiar!

mompoet said...

Carol, I hope you do. It's fun! Daisy, maybe we are related?

Cliterati said... make your own WINE?Ohwow.

This is perfect to mess around with on a slow day at the library.I'm going to see what different combinations of answers I pick say.So much of these seem to be about the mood you're in when you take them.

Stacie & I were having a really bad day when the thank you card arrived.It was perfect.I love how the "Super Bowl" came out on the sign.We miss you all so much.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've now seen many of you with this -- all of them so different - interesting -
I looked into it, but couldn't find what would fit me. :)

mompoet said...

Hi Karen!
Yes, I make wine - from a kit (kind of like a cake mix, only it's wine). Next time you visit we'll drink some together. I hope you'll post the DNA that best suits your mood at the time. And I'm glad the thank you card came at a good time and that you liked it. Making the cards helped me breathe out after saying goodbye to all of our brief but wonderful visits, and made me think with joy about all of the new friends that I made.

mompoet said...

Hi Andrew!
I know you are a visual person, but you usually have the whole of nature for your palette. I'm not surprised the limited number of choices at the Visual DNA page didn't fit your identity. Sometimes seventeen syllables can convey more than a thousand pictures.