Friday, March 16, 2007

Tuesdays with Morrie

I went to see this play last night with my friend Robin. We enjoyed it very much. I cried for most of it. After the play we talked about life and love and illness and dying and crying in the dark at a theatre. I cried so much I had big drops falling off my chin into my lap. Luckily I didn't sob. Robin and I agreed that sobbing in the dark at a theatre is embarassing.

Before the play we went out for supper. There we talked about work (we work in the same office), friends, family, pets, art, how our children are growing up. I realised that although I see Robin every day at work, we don't get together often to do this kind of talking. We met 23 years ago (at another job) and have been close friends ever since. Working down the hall from each other, we don't take each other for granted, but we less often step out of our co-workers roles and into our friends roles. We must do this more often.

I realised that I needed to cry generally when I said goodbye to Robin, hopped in my car, and cried some more, then I got home, parked my car and cried just a bit more - this time I sobbed. It felt good. Then I smiled, and went inside to my home and and my art and my husband and my pets and my children who are growing up and I thought about how lucky I am to be surrounded by love the way that I am.

question: did something make you feel today?

mompoet - drying off my chin

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