Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Coming home from fabric shopping today, addle-brained and frayed (and so tired, that's the best pun I can think of), the two girls took a break from singing in the back seat and played with palindromes. We tried to think of the longest palindrome sentence we could make up, but we weren't very good at it, mostly just tagging palindrome words to both ends of sentences we already knew. "Yo" and "Oy" also came in handy, but did not do much to add length or meaning.
Eventually we got around to creating our own palindrome dictionary, one in which we collected slightly altered words, transformed to spell the same forward and backward, with only slightly blurred meaning and delightful sound. I especially like "blulb." Can't you just imagine planting some lovely spring flower blulbs? or sblulbs, I suppose. That just makes a lovely light blulb go on in my head. For a snack, we ate a bananab. Mmmmm. Those taste really good with peeneep pubbup in a sandwich. We made up some nice palindromic people names too, as we thought Bob and Otto just too cliche. Bilib was our favourite, and I kind of like Eileelie. We also had an argument about how to spell kayak. (I was wrong, but I was driving, so I have an excuse.)

Then we got home and we had to act normal (for now).

question: got any good palindromes?

mompoet - aka momopomom

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Pearl said...

That sounds like a fun ride.

You've seen this? http://palindromes.hobby-site.org/