Saturday, March 03, 2007

two beautiful

Two entertaining and beautiful discoveries today. I saw Pan's Labyrinth this afternoon. I had been warned that it was dark and violent, but also beautiful. I was frightened and repelled and enchanted. In parts, I had the same feeling as when I'm on a roller coaster, about to go into a loop. I literally hung onto the armrests of my seat and gritted my teeth. This is a movie to see when you feel strong, resilient and curious. Thoroughly satisfying.

I bought the new Shin's CD, Wincing the Night Away. I haven't got through listening to the whole thing because I keep playing track "Red Rabbits" over and over. Here's a YouTube listen. In the YouTube video, the song is superimposed over a scene from the movie Garden State. That movie featured 2 earlier Shins tracks, and helped make the group popular. I'm enjoying this CD, and especially this sad, beautiful song.

Question: where did you find magical realism in your world today?

mompoet - it's everywhere, even when you don't see it


Carol said...

I found magic realism in watching The Devil Wears Prada (yeah, finally) and choosing a Fashion magazine for my mag of the month.

I love to be coordinated!

mompoet said...

Ahh, Good choice Carol!