Thursday, March 08, 2007

Face Off on the Radio

Five spectacular Vancouver Poets and their poems will be featured on CBC Radio 1 this weekend. First on Saturday morning, March 10, from 6am-9am, all five poems will be included in Sheryl MacKay's North by Northwest. Next week, each of the five poems will be featured (one each day) on Priya Ramu's On the Coast.

Monday: c.r. avery
Tuesday: Brendan McLeod
Wednesday: Sue McIntyre (aka mompoet)
Thursday: Fernando Raguero
Friday: Barbara Adler - the Winner!

You can find it in the Vancouver area at 690 on your AM dial or, tune in to web radio at the same time. Just go to this page and click on Vancouver.

Last year there was a bit of rescheduling, so it might be good to check for an update on the blog before you tune in. I'll try to keep it up to date.

question: real Canadian poets on the radio - can it get any better?

mompoet - pinching myself in a restrained Canadian way

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Carol said...

It could get better by having mp on the radio again.