Wednesday, February 28, 2007

some good some bad all too fast

Our school will close in June. Goodbye College Park. I'm not quite believing it yet, but my eyes are wetting up and my nose is scrunching, so it must be real. The School Trustees voted to close 5 of the 8 schools and ours is one. I haven't heard yet which 3 will stay open. There are some with demographics and dangerous walks that would be devastated by closure. I hope those are the ones we get to keep.

College Park is where I met many of my friends and where our kids met theirs. It's a school where every teacher and the janitor and the principal and the secretary know every child, even the younger siblings who aren't at school yet. It's a place where we were helped with gentleness, love and skill, through some of our most confusing and frightening days as parents. I know this could have happened anywhere, but it didn't. It happened at our school. We will miss it very sadly and deeply.

On a happier note, the Main Street Slam was fun last night. There weren't enough people for a competition so we had an open mic. There were some good performances and lots of conversation. It was a mellow evening and we laughed a lot. I'm glad I was there, and not at the School Board meeting.

Even better. I think Dr. Ward finally fixed my tooth. Yesterday he took out and old filling and replaced it. The tooth is cracked, so he said he couldn't guarantee it. If it doesn't work I have to get a root canal (which I hear sounds worse than it actually is). This morning I ate a really cold pear right out of the fridge, and I didn't go through the roof. I'm hopeful it will stay good. I like my teeth. I like to chew with both sides of my mouth. I like pears and apples. I like Dr. Ward.

Tonight is the strata meeting. This issue is about "common property." Specifically who pays if a pipe bursts in your wall - you or the strata's insurance. It has implications for spending, insurance and power and control. If I can get through tonight, the rest of the week should be a piece of cake (I hope).

Best of all, Dagmar at CBC says "yeah" to my Made In Canada Poem. I have whittled it down to under 4 minutes and will now memorize it. Show's Monday at 8pm at Cafe Deux Soleils.

Now I must walk the dog in the snow and maybe hug some neighbours as they walk their kids up to our school.

question: what would you miss if it was closed?

mompoet - piece of my heart at College Park Elementary


Lynn Valley Girl said...

I could respond to so many parts of your post but I must comment on....Dr. Ward! He's our dentist too and sadly he is leaving in November to pursue bigger and better career aspirations.

Carol said...

I would've really missed our neighborhood elementary school if it closed.
It sounds for sure for College Park.
Change, always change.

Slammin' sounds goods. So you will be on the radio again? Let me (us) know when and where.

PS. I joined the Good Life women's gym today and I'm sore already. I think of that picture you had once where you are on the bike just a going with a big smile on your face. I will be that person soon.

mompoet said...

Hi LVG, yes, I heard about our excellent Dr. Bruce. I will miss him! Our family doctor retired 2 years ago. Now the dentist. Pretty soon everyone who takes care of me will be older than I am. wahhhh!

Congrats on the gym, Carol. You will feel so good you'll just have to crack great big smiles all the time. Thanks about the school and the radio. I'll post the showtime when I know more.