Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Sunday

It's Sunday evening at 7:15. I'm sitting at the computer waiting for yahoo let me send out a few more emails to the Vancouver Poetry House email list (we're promoting the CBC Face Off and our AGM, and yahoo limits you to x number of emails per hour). I know we could switch to "groups" but it's clunkier and the messages aren't as pretty. And I have the time to putter while I wait for yahoo's clock to pass the magic hour and let me send some more.

Andy and the kids are watching the Academy Awards. I'm listening from the kitchen and letting them call me in if something interesting happens. So far, not too much. I did go in to see the freakish "Hollywood Sound Effects Choir," a group of performers in evening dress, making car, train and plane sounds (with some screaming) to match a movie montage projected behind them. They were all wearing headseats and looking grave, and being directed by a very intense looking conductor. What the huh??? Ah well, Ellen Degeneres looks slick in her red velvet blazer. I like Ellen. There's a bit of extra fun watching this year, knowing we stood on that very stage in August, looking out at the rows of seats, some with cardboard movie stars sitting in them. Looks like most of the stars are real tonight.

I am feeling pretty good about the CBC Poetry Face Off, having mostly completed my poem. I'm so grateful for all of the quirky, original, and heartfelt contributions that I received, and confident that I have made the poem my own. If I play my cards right I'll be able to thank my helpers in my intro moment. Thanks especially to Mom, Dad and Irene, who have been reading my drafts and bouncing them back at me with loving and honest criticism. What a blessing to have fluff-busters and quizzle-zappers who love me, ready to help when I ask.

Today I took Fi and her friend to an audition. On the way, they treated me to their specialty "one bar" singing. We play a backing track on the cd player and the girls sing a song together, alternating bar by bar, first one voice, then the other. This requires a lot of skill and coordination. When they get it right and they're really in synch, their two voices sound like a single voice. It's a treat to observe how well they know one another to be able to do this. When they start to lose it, it has to be the funniest thing you have ever heard, frantic and jerky and ridiculous. I love it.

So now I'm partly looking forward to the week ahead and partly dreading it, which is a Sunday evening thing for me. Weekend's almost over and I'm standing on the tip of the diving board, looking down to everything I'm about to do and see and be. Highlights will include the new Main Street Slam on Tuesday evening. Hurdles include our strata AGM on Wednesday, where there's a big contentious issue coming up. The big question/dread this week will be Tuesday's announcement of school closures. I'm still hoping that College Park Elementary will get another reprieve, but when I look at the other schools on the list, several communities stand to lose more than ours will if their schools are closed. I'll try to stay optimistic. Oh, and I'm getting a filling in my tooth on Tuesday morning. That's going to be a doozie of a day.

I think if I just breathe through my vision of the week and picture Thursday morning, everything will be okay. In the meantime, I have a poem to learn, a family to love and friends all around who give me tenderness and support whenever I need it. Even with the hurdles, life is pretty sweet.

question: what's the week looking like for you?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

Good luck to Fi on her audition. That's quite a skill to share singing bar by bar with a friend!

I guess I am one of those odd people who enjoy the Oscars. I love the glitz and the glamour, the music, the dancing and the nervous acceptance speeches. I only saw one of the nominated movies and I think I picked the best one to see - it was "Little Miss Sunshine". A must see if you like quirky obsure humour.

The week ahead? Hmmmm...the AGM comment intrigues me - I'm not too sure what is going on there. Our little school facing the possibility of closing - that's not good but I am not very hopeful.

I'm booking a trip to Ontario this week and that's about it!