Thursday, February 22, 2007

tug of war time

For the next few weeks, spring grapples with winter like some insistent alarm clock waking a drowsy sleeper. Getup getup getup. How many times can I hit the snooze button?

It's Lent now, and I'm thinking about Easter (the Bible and the bunny). This will be our second Easter without a trip to Cranbrook. Next year, Barb and her family will be home so we can go there again. That's a rite of spring for me, and I miss it, and them.

At our church we focus more on giving out than giving up at Lent. Families are encouraged to recognize and appreciate the comfort and security in our everyday lives, and mark this appreciate with small, personal gifts of charity. It's a gentle way to go into Easter, and meaningful to us at home.

Crocuses are poking through the cold, damp soil in the garden, while the air chills again and the snowline plunges lower on the mountains. I'll keep my snowtires on the car for a while, but these days I'm using my umbrella more frequently than my ice scraper.

We have begun the countdown and plan-making for spring break.

Both children are selecting high school courses for next year. And Alex will go to a college open house next weekend. Next year is his last in high school, so it's time to make plans for what's next.

The buds are ready to bloom, but the chill prevails. I think I'll sleep for five more minutes.

question: how's spring looking for you?

mompoet - reluctant

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Lazy Daisy said...

I like that your church has the focus on giving out rather than "giving up" something. We are Easter people! Spring can't come quick enough for me!