Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ping pong brain

I am half here, half there, ping-ponging from right now, back to the day before yesterday, ahead to next week. I am fuddle-brained and awkward, tired, confused, elated and absent-minded. I put the cheese away in the cupboard instead of the fridge, walked into a counter with my eyes closed in the changeroom at the gym (don't ask my why I was walking around the changeroom with my eyes closed, I'm not sure myself, but it had something to do with having too much hair gel on my fingers), and failed at the simple task of mailing a contract to CBC radio (one empty envelope followed by one unsigned contract - the signed copy neatly filed in my important papers drawer at home). I am prone to writing run-on sentences that make only marginal sense.

I reassure myself that this is the natural outcome of an intense week of maximal brain-usage, emotional buildup and general excitement. This is the wasabi omelette of life that I seek with such determination. If I wanted to be calm and collected, I would conduct myself much differently. Still, I alarm myself with my dunder-headed aftershocking.

I will breathe in, breathe out. Reflect in solitude and in communication with others who shared the experience. I will know what it is to be human and have done something remarkable with other human beings. New things will happen and this will become part of my history, a shiny red and black growth ring with the imprint of a beaver tail.

tra la la

oh crap, where did I put the cat?

question: put that in the wrong place too

mompoet - discombobulated but okay with it


Lazy Daisy said...

only you could make blundering sound poetical the "wasabi omelette of life". Grrrl you so crack me up, run
on sentences and all.

Pearl said...

lol. Your discombulation sounds familiar.

Thanks for all your reports on the slam championship.