Monday, February 12, 2007

what not to get for valentine's day

I love Dooce, I do, I do.

On her featured links today there is a site for bad valentine gifts. Do not buy these.

On my list of less atrocious but still undesirable gifts:
-a silk rose
-a stuffed animal
-bad chocolate in a good wrapper
-guilt-induced or desperation-driven jewelry
-a book of inane platitudes
-a sappy figurine
-a satin pillow with a simpering slogan badly appliqued
-a valentine card featuring several excuses for lacklustre love behaviour during the previous year (you know the kind: "To my honey - I know I'm not handsome, and my kisses are dry, but you still love me...I just don't know why)

Give me a home-made card, a meal cooked together and eaten slowly, a modest quantity of good chocolate, not in a heart-shaped box. That's a nice valentine. Oh yeah, and wet kisses too. Handsome doesn't matter. Although I got handsome anyway. mmmm

question: what will you give/receive for Valentine's day?

mompoet - thinking about wolf urine

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I like chocolate anytime, so why not on Valentine's Day as well? My husband always buys me something nice like chocolates or maybe lingerie (wink) and we do exchange cards. We keep it low key, simple and sentimental.
Silk roses? Embroidered pillows, stuffies? Blech! Those may almost be as bad as a tick remover or Wolf urine! (from the list of bad gift ideas...ha ha)