Sunday, February 11, 2007


I am at church. Today the children and youth are leading the service. I'm one of the Sunday school teachers, so I'm helping prepare. We have invited a neighbouring congregation to visit and share our worship. Our church is bustling with visitors and our own children, rushing around to get ready for their readings, and a short dramatic presentation that they have prepared. There are props, costumes, music - lots of distraction and activity.

Entering the sanctuary, I notice that the pews have all been removed, and replaced with bleachers, arranged arena-style. The bleachers are almost full, mostly with people I don't know. This increases the tension, as I hope our kids won't be too nervous. A group of pre-teen boys is joking and laughing together in one part of the bleachers.

The service begins, with one of our boys speaking words of welcome. The visiting boys in the bleachers have grown noisier and more disruptive. They ignore our boy. Finally someone from their church signals to them to quiet down.

At this point I leave the service, remembering that I forgot to eat breakfast. I tiptoe downstairs to the hall, and help myself to the table of food already set up for coffee time after service. Someone brought salami, cut into big chunks. I stuff a couple in my pocket and one in my mouth. Then I remember, I have to do a reading, so I run back upstairs with this big piece of salami in my mouth. I try to chew and swallow it in time but I can't, so I slip behind the altar into the corridor that leads to the church offices and search for a place to hide my salami. I'm opening cupboards and drawers and looking for the right place to empty my pockets and put the spit out chunk of salami, but none of the hiding places are right. I'm banging doors in despair when the dream ends.

question: what did you dream about?

mompoet - finding pretty obvious sources for this one

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I guess as a writer and artist, you experience such vivid dreams. What a funny yet frustrating dream!