Friday, February 09, 2007

CBC and me

I have been asked to participate once again in the CBC Poetry Face Off. This year's theme is "Made in Canada." They're bringing back previous years' participants, so this year I'll be sharing the stage with some very strong writers and performers. I reckon it's like skating with the Canucks (on a good night). In a way it is freeing. I can write just what I want and perform it just as I like. If I win it will be totally astonishing. More likely I will enjoy the honour of being selected for the same category as Barbara Adler, Fernando Raguero, C.R. Avery and Brendan McLeod.

By the way, I sent two photos for the Face Off website. They chose to go with the one they used last year (laughing mompoet wearing white). I wonder why they didn't pick this more recent picture? (hi Valerie! Are you still there?)

I'm taking a different approach preparing this year's poem and I hope it will turn out to be something good. I haven't been writing a lot lately so I'm either going to burst out with something excellent or it will be like coughing up a furball. Hopefully the former.

The live event will be Monday March 5 at Cafe Deux Soleils at 8pm (arrive before 7 for a good seat and some of the cafe's yummy vegetarian food), before the regular slam. They'll play the poems on the radio some time later. When all of the cities are finished with their competitions, the city champs will be on the web for online cross-Canada voting. I'm looking forward to it in a polite, ambiguous, nervous, self-effacing, made-in-Canada kind of way.

question: have you got your stuff in any contests right now?

mompoet - I hope you win.


Carol said...

I hope I win, too. What will I win?

Pearl said...

Congrats. Strutt your stuff.