Monday, February 12, 2007

a little extra is following me around today

I'm home for a bit with a feverish girl. Soon I'll go into the office, leaving her in her dad's capable care when he comes home from work. But this day is a little different for a much more interesting reason. Things are defying laws of probability all around me in a mini-circus of the mundane.

It began this morning when I served our son his breakfast. I brought him a couple of aspirins, plunking them down on the table alongside a glass of orange juice I was carrying in the other hand. Both tablets sat balanced on the table, on their edges.

Just now I set the bread machine so everyone will have nice warm bread tonight while I'm out at a meeting. I plopped two scoops of margarine into the bread machine and they landed one on top the other on the edge of the mixing blade like a happy little tower of butter.

So far I have not levitated the dog or picked the car up with one finger, but I'm going to be on the lookout to find out what mysterious force is causing things to sit up on their edges. hmmmm

question: any strange phenomena in your day?

mompoet - going now to spin some platters on chopsticks while I unload the dishwasher

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