Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Next time I invite you guys to a potluck

I'll just bring napkins and plates. There's enough here for 10 poems! But I am drawn to excess, challenged by absurdity and pleased by enthusiasm, so this is exactly my cup (er, bucket) of tea.

Thank you everyone, for your contributions. Now I have to do some moulding and shaping of words and ideas. I will try to steer away from hash or stew and make something delicious and distinctive. Or maybe I will make some very yummy stew. Who knows.

Thanks for your trust and playfulness.

Look out for the poem on Friday.

question: why, when we go to a potluck, do we make enough for everyone, even when we know that everyone else is doing the same?

mompoet - gulp

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Carol said...

I'm looking forward to this meal.

I was thinking of copying and pasting it right on to the Friendly Friday post, crediting the poet of course and a link. If you would rather, I could just link to your poem, that would do too.
Which would you have it be?