Friday, February 03, 2006

There's a hole, there's a hole

There's a hole in the floor in the bathroom in the house on the street in the middle of the town.
Mike brought his saw and cut the hole. The wood is damp but the floor and bottom of the wall have done a fine job all these years of absorbing the damp, leaving the joists dry and strong. YEAH!

On Monday the real fun begins. Mike will tear out part of the floor and part of the wall and rebuild it, and install a new tub (that has a capacity just slightly exceeding that of our hot water heater...hmmm), cabinets etc., tile the walls and floor and make ready for the plumber who will hook things up at the correct intervals. We'll finally have a toilet with oomph, an exhaust fan that really sucks and water going only in all the right places. It will be nice.

In the meantime, we'll have a few days of "brother, can you spare a shower?" but that will be fine. Andy will take a couple of days off work while Alex writes exams, then Alex is home on semester break, so the timing is perfect. The dog and cat will be kept out of the way of the destruction/reconstructions and there'll be a pair of helping hands (I hear that putting in the new tub is like threading and eggplant through they eye of a darning needle).

A little more shopping needs to be done. Tiles and countertops R us this weekend. Luckily I have my camera, and you can buy one tile and bring it home and hold it up against the wall or beside the new cabinet and say, "see? maroon does go with puce." (not really) We have almost agreed that white sink, toilet and tub are the best and put colours elsewhere, but not quite. We are still touring neighbours bathrooms ("Hello, May we please come in and look at your tub-surround?) for ideas. Please call us if you're in walking distance and you would like us to visit.

I'll take some photos of the work in progress and post them. Looking into the guts of your house is almost as interesting as looking into your own guts. I have seen my own bones, veins and tendons. Now I'll get to ogle my joists. I like doing stuff like that.

question: do you like to look behind the walls?

mompoet - I see a saw in the hole on the bottom of the floor

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

If I look behind my walls I may find what I lost! good idea!