Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Work in progress

I have not been boring you with bathroom reno details because the project has been on hold for a couple of weeks. Here are some photos (finally). We are now moving forward again.
Friends tell me that renos are always fraught with surprises, delays and setbacks. They also tell me that they tend to look like not much, not much, not much, then BOOM! they are complete. We are all keeping a sense of humour about it as we roll into week 3 of 4 people + 1 toilet and sink + no shower. We're hoping it will be mostly done by the middle of next week. It's going to be beautiful. It's going to be worth it. When we remember it, it will seem like a blink-worth of time.

question: what other things take longer than you think?

mompoet - waiting for BOOM!


Kathy said...

Reading all the blogs I have committed myself to read. LOL.
I've been complaining about it at my place (not really seriously). But I did think I could get through them faster than I have.
Just getting to yours now. I'll be back!

mompoet said...

Take your time Kathy. I'm not going anywhere. Just sitting here spouting and posting, spouting and posting...