Friday, February 03, 2006

so happy

My friend Pete just emailed me this picture that he took at cycle class. My friend Flo is in the picture too, but I don't have her permission to blog her image just yet so she is temporarily invisible. I hope you'll see her too in a couple of days. Thanks Pete! I've been trying to take a picture of myself at cycle class, but I keep dropping the camera because it's all sweaty.

Right now I feel exactly like I look in the picture. I just found out that the CBC Poetry Face Off website is up. Here's a link to the Vancouver page. I'll be competing in the Face Off this year which is mighty exciting. The theme is "irresistible," so the poem was easy to write. The Face Off takes place Monday, February 20 at Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver. The winner is declared by audience ballot, and goes on to compete with poets in 13 other Canadian Cities.

I feel like I have won already, just being chosen to be part of the show. When I look at the 4 other poets with whom I'll be performing (they are all spectacularly wonderful), I think, "Wow, I'm with them? Wow!"

That face in the picture, that's me, with joy popping out and energy to burn. That's a good feeling, yeah.

question: what's good for you today?

mompoet - lucky beyond comprehension


Carol said...

I am so happy for you.

What's good for me today?
That a winning poet wrote a poem for my blog.
Thanks for your kind words and for that infectious happy face.

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, congrats on the honor...can we do a mail-in landslide for you? Good picture considering you're sweaty and revolting (just kidding!) Lets hear it for endorphins!!!

It's been a great week for me too and I have a potty!

mompoet said...

Thanks Carol and Lazy Daisy! I'll post the voting website when it's ready - That wil be in April - Poetry Month in Canada!
Thanks also about the photo. I love those endorphins. Some of my best poems got started in the pool, on a walk, or on the bike. I've put the first words down more than once while sitting in the changeroom after class.