Wednesday, February 22, 2006

most interesting blog link (so far)

This must be the ingrown toenail of googling, but I was steered by Stephen's blog to Technorati where you can look up all of the blog links to your blog or any other site. Most of the people who have linked to mompoet I know, either in person or in the blog world. But here's the hidden treasure at the bottom of the list:

Ukulele Blue - The Ukulele Gossip Blog

Read to the bottom of the post and click on linked words: Ralph Shaw - The Ukulele King and you get to my blog about (among other things) Ralph Shaw the Ukulele King.


question: have you ever checked who is linked to you?

mompoet - feeling cosmic

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Stephen said...

Mompoet.. once I started searching myself through Technorati I've become paranoid/hooked on who's linking me. Mind you, not a ton of people, but last year when I searched my blog through it the first time I found two other blogs linking me already. It was exciting and a little disturbing. Exciting: people are reading this blog. Disturbing: ditto.

On a side note, when I started my little crusade to track down my old high school buddies, I could have saved myself a little time by searching full names in Technorati. My friend Dan's blog comes up when I search his name.

Another fun thing to do is simply search your blog at That's how I found that was linking, even through Technorati wasn't picking it up.