Friday, February 24, 2006

thursday was plumbing day

The plumber was here all day Thursday. His name is Andrew. He and Mike worked together. Just to let you know how good they are, I didn't even notice when they maneuvered the tub into the house and fitted it into place. That's a big tub and a tight fit. It looks beautiful. I can hardly wait! They did set off multiple smoke alarms a couple times with welding (I think - I was staying out of the way). I had to protect Soleil, our dog, who is terrified of loud noises. I got her outside, of course, but that's not quite enough. We also had to do the peanut butter cure. We use this for firecrackers, smoke alarms and thunder. Poor dog trembles from head to toe, but if you hand-feed her a spoonful of peanut butter she gets all distracted enjoying it then licking her chops for about half an hour. So we made it through plumbing day.

question: what do you to to calm yourself down when you are scared?

mompoet - I hum. hmmmmm-mmmmm-hmmmmm


Imran said...

DIY with love. Nice work. Enjoy the fruits of your labour now!

Pearl said...

Ha! PB cure. That is a great solution. Glad the trembles can be taken away so easily if you know the trick.

Your new bathroom experience should be great. HArdly anything better than a good soak.