Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today is Sunday. I'm going to church this morning. I don't have to teach Sunday School so it's an easy morning. Actually, my teaching mornings have been a hoot these days because my class consists of 4 boys, ages 11 & 12 years. Last time I taught, they did a puppet show with me, starring "pretzel mouth Jesus." (That's the character that one of the boys made ups) And co-starring "really annoying Zaccheus" (That's another character developed by the actor who is truly not annoying in real life). They goof if up but in between they are so open and willing to talk about life and connect it to some of what the allegory means, and I always cut up in class when I was a kid, so I think it's funny. I just hope nobody walks in on us as pretzel mouth Jesus is spewing crumbs as he makes holy pronouncements.

So today I get to stay upstairs with the grownups so all I have to worry about is arriving a bit early to photocopy some notes from a meeting I was at on Wednesday. We're still working on hiring a new minister. Interviews will begin in a couple of weeks. It's a good committee, we are 8 people, ranging in age from 15 years up to 70-something. We are assisted by a minister from another church. We're doing a good job and they're all good to work with.

After church we are finally going snow-tubing. We've been trying to get a day together since mid-December. Today, all the stars are lined up, so at noon we head for Cypress Bowl to get hurled down the hill for a few hours. It's like swimming. I'm not looking forward to it right now, but after I dive in, I know I'll enjoy it. Alex and Fi are excited, and we're bringing a couple of friends along. It will be noisy and fun.

We have bought all of the big stuff for the bathroom now, thanks to Michele and Brent who loaned us their truck for the day on Saturday. The bathtub is even here, lurking in a corner of the carport, waiting to go upstairs. We have been on hold with renos for 2 weeks but we resume work tomorrow and should have a working and beautiful bathroom a few days after that. In the meantime, we have discovered the meaning of a good friend: someone who you feel comfortable asking, "May I please take a shower at your house?"

Tomorrow is a big day - The CBC Poetry Face Off is Monday evening. My poem is ready now. I love it. I really do. It's going to be a good show and I'm ready to be part of it. I just have to refrain, today, from breaking my leg snow-tubing (not likely) and also from screaming myself hoarse when they hurl me down the hill (probable).

Have a happy Sunday, anyone who reads this. And think of me Monday, 8pm PST. Send me good energy while I take my face off.

question: do you like to slide head-first or feet-first?

mompoet - found my snow pants so everything is good

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Lazy Daisy said...

Good Luck at your poetry reading! Your all prayed too...just in case your a face first into a frozen hill!

I'd love to see the pretzel face He has some "salty" proclamations! (Sorry bout that!)