Saturday, September 17, 2005

That explains it

Tracie, the cycle class instructor, told us yesterday that she qualified for the Canadian National Triathlon team this summer. Sadly, she won't go to the World Championships this fall. They're in Hawaii, and she can't afford the trip. Yeahhh Tracie anyway!!!

So I guess that explains why, in her class, I regularly get my heart rate up in the 160s. Hmmm.

I started back to the weight room this week. Took a break over the summer for no particular reason. I kept up walking and cycling, but laid off the lifting for a bit. I can still do most of my weights but the next day I feel like I am made from owie-dough. Owie. I know it will get better if I keep at it. Over the summer they painted the weightroom and put in a new floor. All blue. It looks good.

Today will walk. No weights, no bike. No triathlon.

question: did you ever take a break from something just to find out what it would feel like to begin again?

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