Monday, September 12, 2005

home sweet home

I am glad to be home. I got big hugs and sighs of relief and I found dirty dishes in every corner of the house. The dog is following me around like I am her mom. My kids like the small gifts I brought them. My husband says he okay with no gift. "I just want you," he says.

But I do want to go back to the Sunshine Coast. Do you believe that I have only been there once, and then only to one place, although it was a very good place. Except I also did go there when I was in Girl Guides and that was pretty miserable for a number of reasons but not because it was Guides. I had some stuff going on, but I was 12 so that was normal, or at least typical.

Anyway, here's where we stayed. It was beautiful, and comfy and totally welcoming, and my friends were there, in their pajamas most of the time.

But I do want to go back with my family. Here's where I want to take my husband. And this is where I want to go with my mom and daughter. And my son, well, we'll figure something out too.

Question: Who would you take where if you could take anyone anywhere?

mompoet - just lucky I guess

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