Monday, September 26, 2005

A Tale of Two Squash

I had some really good squash and corn soup at a restaurant in Gibson's Landing a couple of weeks ago, which has got me in a squash-cooking mood. The local produce store wanted $1.69 a pound so I did not buy it there. That would have made a modest-sized squash cost about $6 which is just silly.

So I kept looking and I told my parents that I needed a squash. My mom bought me a glorious turban squash about the same time I bought an odd-shaped and coloured squash at a little market on Hastings Street. The lady there could not tell me the English name for it, so I took my chances, it being only 39 cents a pound and costing $2. Mom and Dad's squash is of indeterminate price. I picked it up from their place when I went to give the cat a pill after Word on the Street on Sunday. My parents buy me cheese and other things when they go to US once a week to pick up their mail. Dad keeps a tally of my grocery bill. Every once in a while I pay him $47 for cheese and squash etc and clear my tab.

Anyway, I now have two squash upon which I propose to experiment. I have named them Rosalie and Bruno. I will investigate them, cook them, eat them and report back.

question: what is Bruno anyway?

mompoet - duped by a pale pumpkin?

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Anonymous said...

Yor squash needs braces. Squashodontics on the web at Bruno will do better with the ladies when you fix that overbite