Monday, September 05, 2005

Festival Fundraiser

The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word will happen in Vancouver, October 11-15. This is a second annual event (the first was last fall in Ottawa) combining a slam poetry tournament of Canadian teams with fabulous showcases of spoken word artists from Canada and other places. I'm helping to organize and run the event.

We didn't get two big grants that we had hoped for, so we're doing fill-in fundraising. Tonight's proceeds from the Vancouver Poetry Slam will help the festival. I'm organizing a basket raffle to help raise a bit more cash.

My daughter and niece helped yesterday by making signs to decorate the baskets and advertise the festival dates. They were brainstorming Canadiana themes and teased me about maple syrup. I said "anything but maple syrup, okay?" Of course, they made maple syrup. I think it turned out just fine - especially the sequins.

question: what are you doing on October 11-15? huh?

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