Thursday, September 29, 2005

a bit overwhelmed

It is not my nature to decline, recline and relax. Even in my leisure I accelerate. Right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with work, helping, volunteering, ramping up to the kids' fall schedule, buying a new car. Then I made a gigantic mistake at work - not that hurt anyone, but nearly scuttled a major special event and nearly let down a community stakeholder with whom I am planning the event. We recovered, I have been forgiven (I'm pretty sure of that). I won't make the same mistake again (forgot to check if something else was happening at the park where we were planning the event - something was). Luckily everyone involved is being gracious, positive and understanding. They probably think, "Thank goodness it wasn't me who made that stupid mistake." Luckily everyone has pulled their resources in to help solve the problem. Luckily things will be just fine Saturday and on the outside it will hardly look as if anything has gone wrong. Luckily I understand how lucky I am. Right now I owe God, karma, my built-in horseshoe (that's for Michele) and the good people around me. Big Time.

question: Did you ever open your eyes at the edge of a cliff and say, "ooops?"

mompoet - stepping back carefully and gratefully

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