Monday, September 05, 2005

I love my family

We did family stuff last night: went out for supper at Capitol Hill Szechuan then came back to my parents' house in Burnaby for early birthday celebrations for my nephew and brother-in-law. We also played balderdash (with slips of paper and a dictionary - not the board game version). We laughed our heads off and ate home-made lemon cake and home-made ice cream (a successful cooking experiment by my niece). This is our normal, noisy, silly, family self. We're soaking it up while we can because it will be a different shape soon.

If you are interested in following the adventures of my sister and her family, they have set up a blog. Here it is.

question: what small practices define your family?

mompoet - Geog Bust is the new 9-sided yurt

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