Monday, September 19, 2005

the creature from new westminster

We are dog-sitting this week. Our good friends Michele and Brent are in Montreal for a week and this time they took Michele's mom, Pauline, who usually looks after the "monster baby." Chiclet/Sienna is an American Eskimo miniature. Here's a google image. I'll take a photo later. It's just so early in the morning, everyone is asleep except the dogs who are lying down NOT BARKING and the cat, who has come out of my bedroom for the first time since Friday evening (we put her litter box up there finally yesterday afternoon for fear she's going to pee under the bed or explode). Anyway. The cat has finally come downstairs and she is sitting on the dining room table but I don't have the heart to shoo her down because she is afraid of the new dog. Sienna is the littlest furry mammal of the 3 (Soleil 70lbs, Amy 14lbs, Sienna 6oz - just kidding - 12lbs). But she makes up for it in volume and feistiness. Actually, she's settling down and feeling safer, and she must feel better now that she is actually eating. Did I mention that nobody is BARKING???

So now I'm going to eat my breakfast with 2 dogs under the table. My toes will be very warm. I hope the cat does not drink my coffee.

question - how many furry mammals at your house today?

mompoet - WOOOF!


Anonymous said...
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Carol said...

Just one, a cat.
We used to have two furry mammals but my husband swatted the other with a broom. Our cat was afraid of the mouse.

Raehan said...

Just our dog, but she would LOVE to dog sit, I'm sure. She's very social.

Coming by via Carol. I'm the accordian player in the band.