Friday, September 23, 2005

At least we're not buying a house

Andy's car died yesterday. Today we are shopping for a car. We decided to get a new car, as in nobody else ever owned it before. The last time we bought a new car was in 1981. We both still lived at home with our parents and we bought a Toyota Tercel liftback to share. Brand new, $7 thousand. It was a great car. We kept it until our son was 2 years old.

Since then we have bought used cars and we have been fortunate to have been given two cars for free. The best ones have been the Subaru and the Civic that I'm now driving.

If you know me, you know I hate to shop. It's not that I don't like to spend money, it's just that I find the process of looking, comparing and choosing to be excruciating. I get overwhelmed very quickly by the visual stimulation, the hype, the apple-and-orangey-ness of it all. But off we went together to make this decision. So far we have looked at one of these and one of these and even one of these. Andy likes the Mazda best so far. Tomorrow we will go look at these. Soon we will own one of them.

Andy and I are trying to make a good decision, reading Consumer Reports, discussing price, options, reliability, styling, handling, long-term repair records, colours....I'm trying not to get stressed about it or overwhelmed by it. We are well, we love each other, the kids are wonderful. We'll own our house outright in just a couple more years. We have everything we need in the world and more, and finally we'll have a car that is not a rolling liability. We could not ask for more. In a few weeks it will feel like old news.

Please send me lots of positive energy on Saturday, for our continued auto shopping and probably decision-making day. And thanks, mom and dad for your help with this. We couldn't even contemplate it without you.

question: why are the silliest things sometimes the hardest?

mompoet - alloy wheels? what the heck are those anyway?

ps We're getting a stick shift!!!


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