Sunday, September 04, 2005

the funniest things

When I go to a party, I like to sit on the floor. Our friends Kathy and John had a small supper party last night. We ate supper at the table. It was nice, but I could hardly wait to sit on the floor. When I sit on the floor I can laugh lying down, which feels very good. These friends are the kind of friends who don't mind when I do that.

John is one of the funniest guys I know. I absolutely love his sense of humour. He is 100% uncensored, so much so that partway through the evening, Kathy came and cuddled up to him on the couch then commenced to jab him in the side with her elbow every time he crossed over some conversational line. A couple of the other women said "too much information" a few times and even put their hands in front of their faces. I just fell on the floor laughing, a lot.

Here's a John-ism: You know that guy who looks like Jesus, but with short hair, who walks up and down the street all the time?

I know, it's not very funny when I post it, but it is when John says it. I'm glad that John is Kathy's husband so she gets to do the poking and groaning, and I get to laugh.

question: who's funny in your life?

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Carol said...

My husband has a good sense of humor, not roll on the floor, but quietly so.
My girlfriend comes up with clever quips.