Thursday, September 22, 2005

dog love

The little dog loves me now. Partly I think because I remind her of Michele - but mostly because she has figured out I am the mom. She whimpers at the door when I leave, the kids tell me, and she follows me around the house. She is jealous of the big dog. She barks when I pet Soleil, and tries to get in between Soleil and her food at meal times, until I shoo her away. She is eating things she does not usually like because I feed them to Soleil and she does not want to be left out. Like carrots. She likes to be cuddled and enjoys her own little dog version of rough-housing. When I pick her up the big dog looks at me with sad eyes. I cuddled Soleil and told her I know she wishes I could pick her up too, but she is WAY TOO BIG.

question: does sibling rivalry apply to canines?

mompoet - imagining what it would be like to carry the large dog around in my arms

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