Wednesday, September 14, 2005


you know you're having a very busy day when you eat for supper (at 9pm) the same thing you ate for breakfast (at 5:30am) - well, the supper part did include a glass of wine, but in a way, that's worse....

question: what's for supper?

mompoet - frosted mini-wheats


Anonymous said...
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Moondog said...

As long as you had your wine with the cereal and not on the cereal, you've got nothing to worry about.

Carol said...

I never miss a meal,ever.
A reminder that Friendly Friday is coming up.

mompoet said...

That's so funny! Nope, I poured milk on my cereal, and waited the wine until the cereal & milk was gone. Maybe I'll try mixing it up next time. New food trend?

As for skipping meals, I did have a really good lunch which I packed myself - pesto wrap with veggies, beef and cheese, gravenstein apples, prune plums, snap peas, carrots, and a banana. I grazed all day at my desk.

I will remember friendless friday this week - promise!