Monday, September 12, 2005

Hemp is Everything, Everywhere, Everytime

Did you ever notice how hemp people attribute everything to hemp? I was in the hemp store in Sechelt, buying hemp string for my daughter to make friendship bracelets. The guy at the counter rang it in, and the total was $18.12 for two big rolls (purple hemp and yellow hemp - very cool and lots of it). As I fished for twelve cents in my coin compartment, the hemp guy said,

"You know, the War of 1812 was over hemp, you know."

"Hmmmm, I did not know that!"

Bleary-eyed happy hemp guy number two emerges from the fragrant back room and joins in the conversation,

"Yeah, Napoleon wanted to eliminate the British Navy by cutting off its supply of hemp. They needed hemp to make their ropes and sails. It was the only thing available."

"Wow! I didn't know that!" I find 12 cents, decline a bag and leave smiling.


question: Did you know that the arabic alphabet and modern calculus were both inspired by hemp?

mompoet - full of hemp (not really)

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utenzi said...

Well, of course, Mom. EVERYBODY knows THAT! Hemp started everything! LOL No doubt De Cartes was smoking hemp when he came up with Cartesian Geometry--anyone that did that had to be on drugs!