Saturday, September 17, 2005

rainy day

On Friday it rained in the morning. I was happy. I love when the weather matches the time of year and the feeling in my heart. I did not feel sad. Just cozy, happy, focussed. The rain fit.

The summer flowers looked like people who had stayed too late at a party and now the lights are on and they have to decide whether to go home or go to bed or just have breakfast. The rain made them moist and lush.

The dog loves to walk in the rain, not so much the walking part, but the drying after. When we get inside she heads straight for the towel closet. I dry her off from head to toe. She especially loves having her head and face rubbed, but she gives me her paws one by one, very solemnly and allows me to dry between her toes and fluff the feathers on the back of her legs. I can feel how skinny her tail is under all that fur. Sometimes, when she is completely dry and I am folding laundry, she comes and sits in front of me with a hopeful look. So I say, "Are you wet?" Then I dry her all over with a towel even though she is really dry already. That's how much she likes it.

Welcome fall, goodbye flowers, hello rain, thank you dog for loving so much.

question: do you like the rain?

mompoet - dry


utenzi said...

Thanks for dropping by my page, Mom. I sure wish it would rain where I live. My lawn is dormant for the third time this summer. It'll be a miracle if it lives.

I'm glad you like your digital camera. I sure love mine--and hope to get a newer one soon.

Carol said...

I do like the rain, if I don't have a picnic planned. I don't like hail that sometimes comes with rain because then our basement may seep.

Smooth conga moves!