Tuesday, September 06, 2005

old poems don't always stink

I was updating my friend Neana's resume today so I had to re-install WordPerfect so I could convert it to Word. I miss Corel. It is such a simple and easy program. Word is such a left-handed bionic gorilla. I hate it.

Anyway, before I uninstall Corel again, I decided to convert a bunch of old poems that I have saved to cds and floppies, so I have them in Word, before we get a computer that I can't run Corel on anymore. I came across this funny one in my "kids poems" folder. I wrote it about 5 years ago.


You crave the weight of three blankets,
Me, I prefer a duvet.
You like your bedsheets all crispy and snug,
I just can’t stand them that way.

You rest on three or four pillows,
I like no pillow at all.
You sprawl from corner to corner,
While I curl up close to the wall.

You like to snooze on your tummy,
I always snore on my back.
You shine a nightlight beside you,
I need the room perfectly black.

You leave the window wide open,
I always lock it up tight.
If it weren’t for our wonderful bunkbed,
I don’t think we could get through the night!

I will go to sleep and dream some dreams and dream some poems and write some poems. Meantime, there's some leftovers re-heated.

question: how was your sleep?

mompoet - craving a nap


Carol said...

Yay, a poem!
I had a wonderful sleep last night.

mompoet said...

Thanks Carol,

Me too.