Sunday, July 31, 2005

painted out

If you ever need the inside of your sauna painted while it is operating, or maybe if they need a fresh coat on the foyer of hell, I think I can do it. Three days of toiling in what must be the hottest room in anybody's house have finally paid off in a very cool looking (but hot-feeling) bedroom.

After our son helped with the prep work I decided to paint solo. It would have been a better mom thing to work together with him, but he was stressed to the gills just looking at it, and very grateful when I offered him the job of chief cook and bottle washer in return for me being the painter. He wants a fresh room and he'll love the results, but participating in the transition is excruciating for him so why make him suffer? Remember, this is the kid who decided not to change the colour at Christmas because it would be too stressful. Change is hard for him, so I think that adapting the task was the right thing to do.

Anyway, despite the heat, I love painting. It's kind of like swimming though. You stand around at the edge of it thinking Ugggg but once you start it's great. There's a rhythm to the work and the radio to listen to, and the satisfaction of saying goodbye to the old colour and making a big transformation in a short time. It's good for the shoulders too. Remember The Karate Kid and how he conditioned by staining the fence. Painting is a workout if you work at it.

Tomorrow we should be able to move the furniture back in, stick the light switches and outlet plates back on, re-attach the doorknob and see what the new bedroom really looks like. It's also our last day of vacation. Eighteen days is goooood.

question: what will I paint next?

mompoet - wondering if a room gets smaller everytime you paint it....


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