Friday, July 01, 2005

why I like dooce so much

I was just reading Heather Armstrong's blog, Dooce, and I nearly died laughing at this link from a post last year, then I shouted, "I love dooce!"

In case you have ever wondered how I pick my friends, this is it. Not to say that Heather Armstrong is my friend, I just admire her blog tremendously. But this is how I pick. For example I became enamoured with my friend Kirsi when we were at a party and she described in great detail how she bought an abdominizer on late night tv, then she did a demo of "how to look 10 years younger by shortening your bra straps" with one side "before" and the other "after."

Yup, that's how I pick my friends. I wish Heather Armstrong lived in Port Moody. She's my kind of gal.

question: do you think I'm compensating by choosing people even more extraverted than I am?

mompoet - who cares! I love dooce!

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Tristan Alloway said...

Interested. Keep Blogging!