Sunday, July 03, 2005

spike spike spike

I went back to the festival three more times this weekend: Saturday afternoon with Andy and our daughter to watch the Port Moody Idol competition. Daughter did not compete but several of her friends were in it. Her best friend didn't make it to finals on Sunday, so we decided to skip that. It was fun watching this talent show of kids then adults. Torchy pop is still the most popular for performers in the competition, but show tunes are big too. The best were the simplest and least well-known songs, coincidentally best-suited to their singers. I think it's a mistake to try to perform a song that's a hot star's trademark unless you totally change the way you perform it. Otherwise people just hear the discrepancies. One young woman played electric guitar and sang an original song. That was fabulous! Real talent. An older man (well, one my age) sang a simple blues song a capella. I liked that too. Personality is huge in a talent show. The performers who chatted while they waited for their music to begin captured the hearts of the audience. My favourite was a teenage girl who is blind. She introduced her country song like this, "My song's an upbeat song so you can clap along as much as you like. It's got a good story too. I hope you like it."

We went back Saturday night with our friends Michele and Brent. We sat in the wine patio (quieter and prettier than the "beverage garden.") Later we moved over there anyway for a view of the stage. The Night Train Revue was playing. They were very good. Something about old time musicians who know what they're doing and still love doing it makes me very very happy. We were singing along and clapping and cheering. It was good. The night was starry and the park was packed. Probably a couple thousand people there I think. Andy and I enjoyed both shows. He like the Time Benders better. I liked Night Train Revue more. Both nights were great, and wonderful for their friendly, happy, community feeling.

Came back Sunday afternoon for a quiet walkabout with our son, who wanted to go just with me and stay for just a short time. He's adjusting to the change of pace from school time to holiday time, and it's like decompressing. We sat and ate ice cream and watched the people go by and said hi to a bunch of friends and admired dogs. It was very sweet and lovely. The festival is winding down now, but we can hear the music drifting across the water and up the hill when we go out on our deck.

So this evening I paid the bills and balanced the chequing account record (ugg), read a book, walked the dog and made a big Sunday supper. Son and daughter cooked up a chocolate fondue for dessert which, on top of the ice cream in the afternoon, was delicious but a bit too much goo. This week is going to be very busy so I guess I'll be going to the 6:15am cycle class on Monday. I hope I put my shorts on frontwards! I have to make muffins now so the teenage eating machines will find something breakfast-ish when they get up in the morning. They cook their own lunches these days. Husband got the tent trailer out of the parking garage at his mom's apartment, so we can begin packing this week.

Canada Day weekend was just what this family needed to unwind a bit, celebrate a bit, and ease into the holidays. Eight more working days and we're on vacation. Yay!

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