Friday, July 22, 2005

toe's good

We had a wonderful time in Osoyoos. One week living on the beach in our bathing suits was very relaxing. I read three boy books, including the new Harry Potter, swam, and talked with my family and friends who we see up there every year. Not much to do, which was exactly perfect.

I did slam my baby toe into a tree root (twice) and it's been hurting like the dickens - so much that I was ready to go to the doctor today if it wasn't improving. But last night, after my first shower from which I did not step directly out into sand and dirt, I took a really good look at it. I managed to chop a big flap of skin off the tip of the toe and it was still partly attached. I took it off and it already feels much better. So the pain radiating up my foot was probably not from a fractured phalange. I'll test it out today, but I think it's okay.

question: did you ever notice how nice your own house is when you come back?

mompoet - toasty with fair to good toe-integrity and happy to be home

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