Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy birthday dear 12-year old

Our daughter is 12 today. She has planned her own birthday (takes after her mom, I think). I have instructions NOT to clean the house. We have pie instead of cake, and we're going to the Spaghetti Factory for supper. That's the "family birthday." Tomorrow is the "friends birthday." Ten girls, lazer tag and a sleepover. There will also be a water balloon fight, makeovers and decorating flip flops with foam shapes and fake flowers. I let her experiment on mine and they are gorgeous and over-the-top. Like Carmen Miranda only on my feet.

When I was her age we called them "thongs." But that means something else now. I keep threatening to walk into Shoppers or London Drugs with her and say "My daughter and I need some THONGS! Where d'ya keep 'em?" That would cause her to die of embarassment. She also told me I am not allowed to shave my head, not that I was planning too, but sometimes I threaten to, just to make her nervous. I also have this jean jacket from 1986 that I put on and pretend I'm going to wear when we're heading to the mall. It has a million zippers and big lapels, shoulder pads. Very retro but totally unacceptable. Maybe I'll wrap it up and give it to her tonight as a birthday present. She'll either put it in her movie-making costume box or burn it.

Congratulations daughter! You have made it to the thick of adolescence. Congratulations to us for making it too! We should all shave our heads, dress in bad clothes and go talk loudly in outdated and inappropriate slang at the Spaghetti Factory. Yeahhh!

question: why didn't anyone tell me it would be this much fun?

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