Monday, July 25, 2005

my beach

After lunchtime our back deck is cool and breezy. We have flowers spilling out of pots and planters, thanks to Andy's green thumb (he purchases, plants and feeds - I water). We have tall chairs out there so you can see over the rail to the trees and the inlet down below. I finished reading Harry Potter to our son out on the deck last night. Today I have spent a couple of lazy hours with newspapers and magazines. We have meals out there too, and sit out in the evening with drinks (we have little lights that look like insects for a festive atmosphere). Mostly I like to put my feet up and read. I loved the week at the lake, but this is my beach. Home sweet deck...ahhhhh.

question: where is your beach?

mompoet - getting the hang of holidaying and still a week to go

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Anonymous said...

My beach is where I feel warm squishy sand and salty breeze, climb sandstone, smell seaweed, walk on driftwood logs, taste suntan lotion watermelon, and drink sunwarmed kool is in my head and my Mum and my daughter are there.