Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Throat full of knives

The school board meeting went just fine last night. We were up first. Our presentation was received with no questions from trustees, but a request from one to the admin staff to report back on costs for our proposals, which is pretty standard. I spoke, and Jennie sat by, ready for questions. After the meeting, one of our PoMo trustees approached me to set up a meeting. I deferrred until mid-May. Things are just too busy now, and he seemed okay with it. I am dreading the possibility of being asked if I will consider running for trustee in the fall. But I know the answer...NO! Because I could not write poetry if I was a school trustee. That will be my answer. I think it's a pretty good one.

The dog's pajamas fit, but she got them off during the night. I'll leave them off her for the day and risk more chewing. Tonight at home I'll put them back on her and keep an eye on her. I don't want her to be half out of them while we are gone, and fall down the stairs or something. I want her rump to get better, but a spinal injury or even a sprained paw is not worth the risk.

My cold is winning again. I feel like I swallowed a bucket of finishing nails and they lodged in my throat. Yes Dad, I am drinking lots of water and taking vitamin C, and no, I am not exercising. It will pass. Meantime it's from the neck up, and the rest of me works okay, so I can keep going to work. I just can't hold anyone's baby. (We met Tina, our next door neighbour, on Sunday. Today River and Roni are bringing baby Ronan to the office for a visit.) I love to cuddle but must admire from afar. No baby wants to feel like this.

Going to a cancer benefit dinner at a pub tonight with Andy. Thank goodness those places are smoke-free these days. Couldn't face it otherwise.

Question: bla bla bla?

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