Saturday, April 09, 2005

Thinkle Thinkle Little Star

It's Saturday afternoon, and our own The Svelte Ms Spelt is in Austin Texas, representing the Vancouver Poetry Slam at the International Slam Masters' Meeting. It's two hours later in Austin, where they are on Central Time. So Saturday's proceedings are probably winding up. At lunch today, I think there was an information session about bidding for the right to host the National Poetry Slam and Individual World Poetry Slam.

Vancouver Poetry House is bidding to host the 2007 iWPS in Vancouver. Our bid will be presented by Ms Spelt on Sunday morning. Elections to Executive Council of Poetry Slam Internation will also take place on Sunday morning. Ms Spelt is running for election - possibly to become the first EC member from Canada.

I've already promised to beam white light to Austin throughout the weekend and especially Sunday morning. If you believe in this kind of energy (heck, even if you don't) try to think some positive thoughts and send them to Austin Texas on Sunday morning. I'm guessing target time around 8am-11am Pacific Daylight should do the trick. Share some of the good energy that spills in excess from your heart and mind all the time. Get it to our friend who is representing Vancouver. Make our bid and Spelt's both successful.

question: ever wonder how much we could do if we all focused, even for a moment, on one good thing?

mompoet - mystical and positive at the same time

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